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Decentralized and renewable energies are on the rise worldwide and have been increasingly driving large coal-fired and nuclear power plants out of the market for years. But what’s happening now is turning conventional energy supply structures completely on their head. The digitization of the energy transition is creating brand new opportunities and possibilities for decentralized producers and consumers. After all, decentralization and digitization complement each other perfectly.

Very soon, households and companies will not only produce their own electricity, use it directly or store it for later consumption but will also play a natural role in the electricity market online. Photovoltaics are playing an important role in this respect given that they will soon be the most cost-effective energy source in all regions.

To exploit the full potential of photovoltaics in this new energy world, we will need to connect and integrate photovoltaic energy. SMA is taking on a leading role here. Our longstanding experience and extensive expertise make us a sought-after point of contact for leading companies in other sectors. We are already developing sophisticated system solutions today that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the “electricity prosumers” of tomorrow. Our intelligent energy management is enabling them to connect photovoltaics with storage systems, mobility and other sectors, such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology, and control them fully automatically. High data security and quality are top priority for us, as they are the basis for ensuring that the energy system of the future works perfectly.

SMA plays a key role in designing and shaping the energy supply of the future. Meet some of the people who are devoting their considerable passion and expertise to turning our vision into a reality: Making people completely independent in their energy supply using decentralized renewable energy in a connected world.

I hope you enjoy reading the SMA Magazine 2016.

Pierre-Pascal Urbon,
Chief Executive Officer

In Upheaval

The pioneer phase of renewable energy is officially over. The global energy transition is making rapid progress and is now irreversible. Electricity is increasingly produced in a decentralized way close to where it is consumed at more and more affordable prices. Large, fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants will soon be as obsolete as the traditional business models of conventional electric utility companies.
Record of a revolution

With Certitude

Decentralized, digital, networked – in the new energy world, various players constantly exchange information to ensure that clean electricity is always available to and affordable for everyone. But how secure is this system? Prof. Bernd Engel, an expert in sustainable energy systems at the Technical University of Braunschweig, and Marek Seeger, Information Security Manager at SMA, discuss the risks and opportunities of the digital energy revolution.

On Track for the Future

Not only households but also an increasing number of commercial businesses are making themselves more independent as “electricity prosumers” and saving money on their energy costs. This is hardly surprising as self-produced electricity from photovoltaics is becoming increasingly more cost-efficient. And the digitization of the energy transition is bringing about additional opportunities to use it. The future is set to be exciting – and convenient because the experts at SMA are handling all the details.

Without Compromise

In sunny regions, large-scale solar farms are already generating electricity a lot more cost-efficiently than coal-fired or nuclear power plants. Experts are forecasting that the cost of photovoltaics will continue to decrease, making them the most important energy source worldwide – a goal Bernhard Voll is passionately pursuing. He travels all over the world for SMA, making large-scale PV farms even more efficient and reliable.

Energy That Changes

As a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. More than 3,000 SMA employees in 20 countries have devoted themselves to this task. Our innovative solutions for all photovoltaic applications and our unsurpassed service offer our customers worldwide greater independence in meeting their energy needs. In collaboration with our partners and customers, we are helping the people around the world transition to a self-sufficient, decentralized and renewable energy supply.